There are several ways to find out about a tax account:

  • in person, at NTCA's customer services;
  • in writing, from the competent directorate holding the tax account;
The address for customer service and correspondence of the competent directorate holding the tax account is available here.
  • electronically, via the NTCA's electronic administration interface, the Client Portal;
The Client Portal can be launched after KAÜ (Central Identification Agent) identification: LOGIN
  • by phone, on the NTCA Info Line, under menu item (2).

The NTCA Info Line

  • is available from Hungary at 1819,
  • or from abroad at +36 (1) 461-1819.

The service is available in Hungarian on working days, Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 4pm, and on Fridays from 8.30am to 1.30pm.

You must have a Customer Identification Number or a Partial Code Telephone Identification (RKTA) to be able to obtain personal information and administration. If you do not have a client identification number, you can apply for one using the “TEL” form, which can be submitted to the NAV in person or electronically, most easily using the Online Form Filling Application (ONYA). Please note that if you do not wish to use the Info Line for your own case, you must also submit an “EGYKE” form.

Some taxpayers are also notified ex officio by the NTCA of the status of their tax account. So if you have also received a tax account statement from the NTCA, you can use it to find out about your current debts or surplus.