Dear Visitor,

When visiting the website of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) of Hungary, you provide us with your personal data.

We can obtain your personal data (every data that may be related to you) in two different ways. On the one hand – by using internet connection – technical data (cookies) are automatically created in our IT system concerning your computer, web browser, web link or the websites you have visited. On the other hand, you also have the possibility to share your name, contact details or other data should you wish to contact us when using our webpage.

Our website has been created following standard requirements on the content and form to be met by central administrative organs. During this, we endeavoured to ensure that your personal data be managed only to the necessary extent, related to the usage of our services, according to your demand and by fully meeting legal regulations in force.

In order to protect data related to taxation, we are using servers of an external service provider totally independent from the IT system of the NTCA.

Your data – which are obtained by your visiting of our webpage – are not forwarded by the NTCA, except for those technical data concerning visitor statistics which are automatically created at the service provider operating the server.

Regular measurement of visitor statistics is performed by the NTCA itself.

Your data linked to your visit of our webpage and managed by our online customer service are only accessed by our colleagues and only to the necessary extent, in order to be able to provide you service or answer your question or remark.

Should you wish to ask a question or share your opinion with us, you can use the template available on our contact page.

This note contains data protection information following standardisation of the content and form of our webpage. Management of our visitors’ personal data is only part of our data management activities. The NTCA gets in contact with citizens and clients when performing its other activities, in the course of which their personal data are handled according to the Internal Privacy and Security Regulations.