As more and more people buy via the Internet, the number of items delivered by Magyar Posta Zrt. from outside the European Union is also increasing. Along with an increase in turnover, the administrative burden on the Post has also increased, and when information attached to mailing items is incomplete, delivery will take longer than usual.

According to the experience of the NAV Airport Directorate (the Directorate), more and more people order goods through various Internet portals. Goods ordered are typically delivered via a postal service provider, and items arriving through postal traffic are handled by Magyar Posta Zrt. (the Post).

Goods arriving from outside the European Union[1] (for example, from China, or the United States of America) must be subjected to customs clearance, a process carried out by the postal service provider for a fee. It is important that the Post is allowed to carry out customs clearance without an order, a circumstance that is worth discussing with the Post in advance.

Individuals may submit a customs declaration free of charge for their consignments with a value of less than EUR 150, via the eVÁM webpage.

More information about e-commerce can be found on the E-Commerce page (page not yet available in English).


[1] Northern Ireland is also considered to be part of the European Union.