If you have KAÜ identification (i.e. Central Identification Agent), you can view your draft tax return from 15 March of the year following the tax year on the eSZJA site at www.nav.gov.hu.

If you do not have a KAÜ identification

Should you not have a KAÜ identifier (i.e. client gate registration, eID, telephone ID or facial identification), you have to choose until 15 March between several options to receive your draft tax return by post

  • by SMS to 06-30/344-4304 (in the message you must include your tax identification code and your date of birth in the following format: SZJAspacetax identification numberspaceyyyymmdd) i.e. [SZJA XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX] where the middle part is the 10-digit tax identification code and the last block is the date of birth (last two digits of the year/month/day)];
  • on the web form available on the NTCA website;
  • by mail;
  • on the form (BEVTERVK);
  • by telephone on 1819 (NTCA Infoline).

The drafts are available electronically on the NTCA website from 15 March of the year following the tax year. Through the eSZJA application, those with a client gate access can view and, if necessary, edit their PIT return on their smartphone or tablet. Individuals and self-employed workers under the old or new KATA regime who had a job and received wages throughout the whole of last year will automatically have their draft tax return (pre-filled tax return) turned into an official tax return if they do not file an individual PIT return by 20 May.

Sole proprietors, smallholder farmers and persons liable to pay VAT must supplement their draft tax return with information on income from their activities or any other information not included in the records of NTCA. In their case, they still have to file the tax return independently, as the drafts prepared for them do not automatically become an official tax return, but the draft is used to help them prepare their return.

Donors will also have until 20 May to donate 1+1% of their personal income tax, by which time they can choose an NGO, a religious community or the National Talent Programme to support. Declarations on allocation made to churches last year can also be amended or withdrawn up to this date.