When using the "PAYMENT" link navigating to credit card payments within the letter of NTCA on motor vehicle tax, it is important that the payer await the confirmation note after the payment has been made without clicking again!

  • Whether you open the letter of NTCA in a browser or a PDF reader, when clicking on the "PAYMENT" link, the payment process will start. Then you have to wait. Retry only if an error message is displayed, such as technical error, or the payment service is not available)!
  • Once the payer has accessed the banking interface, after entering the bankcard details, you should also wait for a response! You only need to click on the link again after being informed of an unsuccessful payment or if you have interrupted the payment process.
  • If you receive the message "Payment result is not available" after entering your bankcard details, it is essential to check in the banking system whether the transaction has been successful. In the electronic hosting space (i.e. Client Gate) you can find the confirmation receipt of NTCA for the payment. If the amount to be paid has not been debited to your bank account, and/or if NTCA has sent a rejection receipt, you will need to click on the "PAYMENT" link in the letter to start the payment process again.