Official Websites of Institutions in the Public Administration


Central Statistical Office

Governmental Portal (May be switched to English on the site)

Home Affairs Funds (Hungarian only)

Human Resource Support Management (Hungarian only)

Hungarian Competition Authority

Hungarian National Assembly

Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.

Hungarian State Treasury (Hungarian only)

National Food Chain Safety Office (Hungarian only)

National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (May be switched to English on the site)

National Police Headquarters Department of Law Enforcement

National Protection Service (Hungarian only)

Office of the President of the Republic

Police of Hungary

State Audit Office of Hungary


The following pages are available in full detail in Hungarian only with a link to the same English language portal "About Hungary". 


Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ministry of Human Resources

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Justice

Ministry for Innovation and Technology

Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Hungary