Trousseaux, household effects (personal movables destined for the personal use or for satisfying the household needs of the persons concerned, clothes, furniture and appliances), whether new or used, are duty-free if

  • they are in the property of a person transferring his or her normal place of residence from a third country to the customs territory of the Community on the occasion of his or her marriage and whose normal place of residence has been outside the customs territory of the Community for a continuous period of at least 12, as well as
  • presents customarily given on the occasion of marriage, which are received by a person transferring his or her normal residence from a third country to the customs territory of the Community and which are sent or imported by a person whose normal residence is in a third country.

A further condition for duty-free admission of presents sent or imported to Hungary is that the value of each present may not exceed 1000 Euros. Because in this case the value limitation refers to the value of each item, their number is not limited. However, this relief does not cover alcoholic products, tobacco and tobacco products.

Therefore, in light of the above, only persons transferring their normal place of residence from a third country and getting married are entitled to this relief, whether they import the presents themselves or they receive it from another persons living in a third country. The document certifying the marriage shall be presented for the relief to be granted.

This relief may only be validated for goods imported not earlier than two months before the date fixed for the wedding and no later than four months after the date of the wedding and their submission to customs procedures is required.

In the case of goods imported prior to the wedding appropriate security shall be lodged, the form and amount of which shall be set by the competent customs authority. This security may be removed after the wedding. The goods determined may arrive in several separate consignments within the period indicated or on several separate occasions. Goods submitted to customs clearance as duty-free may not be lent, given as security, rented, transferred, neither for a consideration or free of charge, within 12 months from the date of their entry for free circulation without prior notification to the customs authority. If alienation takes places, the relevant import duties shall be paid at the rate applying on the date of such alienation, on the basis of the type of goods and the customs value ascertained or accepted on that date by the competent authorities